This meta request is for emails relating to 22-00069-FOIA. After multiple FOIA request/response cycles, the initial 22-00069-FOIA interaction felt off. I was interested in internal communications on why the FOIA office denied the initial request. This request is unanswered. It was appealed 41 business days after this request was acknowledged. Acknowledgement Letter

September 28, 2022


Gary Gensler has another interview with Jon Stewart and pretends to be uninformed about retail investors directly registering their GameStop shares. I requested “any and all emails to, from, cc’d, or bcc’d with Gary Genser containing keywords ‘computershare’ or ‘DRS’”. There has yet to be a response to this request. This request was appealed twice for not having a response in a timely manner. Acknowledgement Letter

October 14, 2022


This appeal challenged the lack of timely response to 22-03087-FOIA. The Freedom of Information Act has a 20 day statutory time period for requests. This appeal was filed 41 business days after the request was acknowledged. This appeal is unanswered. Acknowledgement Letter

November 30, 2022